2nd TNTT editorial - Theme and 'Menjejak Sang Neomaskulin'

This is the second editorial of TNTT coming to you 'live' from the island of Penang, Malaysia - here to visit me brother and sister-in-law with the whole family aside from registering for the IELTS exams at British Council.

The feel and look of TNTT has changed as i am not using a different template - Minima Magz 1.0. The previous newspaper style layout works well with the newer IE but anyone who's still using Windows XP (like me and billions more) will have trouble viewing the right sidebar, which will annoyingly appear at the bottom of the page (and not on the right side)!

Naked self promotion - 'Menjejak Sang Neomaskulin' kini di pasaran! Manuskrip ketiga ini akhirnya menjadi buku pertama. Lihat segmen 'Produk' di laman web rasmi Buku Prima dan buku ini juga boleh didapati di MPH, Kinokuniya KLCC dan kedai buku besar lain. Sayangnya di Popular khabarnya belum ada. Harga RM16.50.

Be on the lookout for a blog entry on Menjejak Sang Neomaskulin on TNTT very very soon (plus a few sample chapters online)!


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