TeechThinks: Work hard, don't work hard, your choice?

Not everyone is born a genius, and so not all of us are clever ‘A+’ students. However, being a genius is not about being born with Albert Einstein’s brain. Becoming a genius is really about valuing work and working hard no matter what.

Sadly and tragically for many of us, we give ourselves excuses for not trying and not working. We find so many excuses, not to become a true genius. In the end, when some human beings become extremely successful in their lives, we end up only with boring normal simple lives. But still, we will give ourselves excuses…

“I don’t want to be too rich, it will make me a proud person and my life is okay, well it’s okay and simple but I am happy, I think”

“Why should I work too hard? At the end of the day it’s just all about luck, and I think I am not a very lucky person lah!”

“My friend told me if we work too hard we will be stressed out and then we might get heart attacks, so I choose to be relaxed and not work too hard. Most of the time I just don’t do anything at all”

“You know I have other things to do, so why should I work too hard? I need to have fun, spend time with my lover, relax with my family, just sleep around doing nothing - work is not fun at all!”

And so, as some people become really REALLY successful and extremely happy with their lives, think about what your life will become if you do not like to work, and you do not want to work hard in everything that you do.

And think about this, you can give many MANY excuses not to work and not to work hard, but at the end of the day, there is only ONE thing that you should do – just WORK and work hard at whatever you must do.

Which choice will YOU make?


BlackHeart said...

This article really good indeed as it apply in our daily life problems that always occur in everyone life and as for me will choose to work hard because with working hard we can get something that we can values for the future..

DeAmore said...

yeah....agreed..but what do u think when i say multilevel marketing nowadays?is it worth doing it?some of them says; no need work hard and u will get extra income.

Shaiful said...

“I don’t want to be too rich, it will make me a proud person and my life is okay, well it’s okay and simple but I am happy, I think”

What the hell is that? Don't they know that money makes the world goes around? If you're proud, it means you have high self-esteem and people will look up to you (unless you're living amongst those people with Ph.D). And since honesty is the best policy, then I sahll say this, "I work hard cos I want to be rich and I don't want to live a simple life. Why? Cos my mama and papa taught me so! Hahaha!!!

Anonymous said...

you can get all a's in exams but

you still flunk in your life :P

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