TNTT Personality Series: Richard Branson

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The New Teech Times Personality Series:
Richard Branson

“I've never worked for anybody else, so my first real job was at a business that I started at school when I was 16. At that time, the Vietnam War was going on and I felt that school was a place where grown-ups were just trying to keep us busy. I decided to start a magazine that would address some of these issues. I didn't even have a phone, so I used a public telephone at my own school to sell advertising for my new magazine.”

“Over a six-month period, I managed to raise about £6,000 (RM40K), which was enough to cover the cost of printing and paper, so I decided to leave school to start the magazine. Being an overly enthusiastic young boy, I managed to get many big celebrities - James Baldwin, Vanessa Redgrave, Jean-Paul Sartre - to write or be interviewed for the magazine.”

“We started Virgin Records as a mail-order company in the magazine. We sold records cheaper than full price, and we slowly became famous because of the kind of products that we offered. When I was 18, I decided that music was easier than the magazine industry, and so I closed the mag but kept Virgin Records going. Everything else has grown from there until now...”

“I started the magazine because I had a passion for what I was doing. That's also why I went into the airline business, even though everybody I talked to told me that there was no money to be made there. I felt that I could make a difference and I had the confidence to show this to the world… That's the best reason to start your career, when you feel that you can change things and share your ideas!”

And just who is Richard Branson, really?

Sir Richard Branson is the CEO of Virgin Group, a conglomerate that spawned world famous and very successful companies like Virgin Atlantic Airways, Virgin Interactive IT Technologies, Virgin Megastores Chain, and Virgin Music Records International. He has just acquired part of AirAsia X to prove his commitment to idealists and people who think outside the box.


Shaiful said...

I think I've read about it somewhere ... oh yes, masa your class. You gave us a handout about this guy. He's quite eccentric. Boleh tak masa datang KL dia pakai baju melayu siap tanjak sekali ... so cool!

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