7th TNTT editorial - TeechConsult@Blogspot v.3.0.2010

Apa khabar dunia?!! After much thinking and not knowing what to update, I'm finally starting again... (plus I prefer WordPress which is easier to use for publishing, compared to this damn annoying Blogger system that forces me to edit the HTML all the time for all my posts). Teruja juga dengan 10,000+ page reads, thank you for your kind support and look at the big SMILE on my face below...

And as you read, I spend most of my time now on FaceBook, to 'meet' me there just search for my name and add a NOTE that you are from TeechConsult at Blogspot. Ada banyak projek terbaru yang sedang berjalan, terutamanya buku-buku baru yang akan terbit. Be on the lookout for...

1. A new online community soon at TeechConsult at Livejournal

2. Two sister websites for TeechConsult dot com

3. Plus new favourites

TeechConsult's GELLpad for all things English at www.teechconsult.typepad.com/gell

TeechConsult's KIDSpad untuk dunia si kecil anda www.teechconsult.typepad.com/kids

4. And my NEW books... soon!!!


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