1st TNTT editorial - The New Teech Times scope and coverage

This is the first official entry of The New Teech Times or TNTT. After weeks of fine tuning and tweaking the Blogger system, i think i'm finally happy with the look of this weblog... i think. Two things worth mentioning are the domain name www.airil.info which will house TNTT instead of the usual Blogspot domain, and 31st of May as the official launch date of the domain.

TNTT will cover the more 'global' side of what i write and think, and Blog @ TeechConsult will be a bit 'personal' is the sense that what is presented are mostly unpublished works and also musings that would never get published anywhere else other than on the net (of course).

From time to time TNTT will also cover the topic of 'shameless self promotion' to promote articles, books and others that i produce. Yang paling utama adalah penggunaan Bahasa Malaysia dan juga Bahasa Inggeris untuk setiap artikel yang dimuat naik di TNTT untuk manfaat pembaca dan juga kerana banyak bahan yang ditulis adalah di dalam Bahasa Kebangsaan Malaysia.

Selamat membaca. Happy reading.


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