Reitz Gender Identity, Transexuality and Dysphoria (exploratory) TEST (part 08)

...gender classification three of five

* originally developed (1998) by J. D. Reitz ** edited and updated (2011) by A. H. M. Adnan

What if I am an ANDROGYNE?

The Reitz-TeechConsult Test has classified your internal gender identity to be essentially androgynous, both male and female at the same time or possibly neither. In some cultures in history, you would be considered to be a third sex, independent of the polarities of masculine or feminine. Your gender issues are intrinsic to your construction and you will most likely find your happiness playing with expressing both genders as you feel like it.

Then WHAT?

Your situation is a little tricky in our current society but not tremendously so, depending on your geographic location. The suggestions for your circumstance are not overly complicated.

1. If you feel uncomfortable about your gender expression, some counselling might help. The primary goal would be to make it possible for you to enjoy your gender expressions free from any shame or embarrassment and to resolve any remaining questions you might have.

2. As an androgynous being, both genders and both sexes are natural to your expression. Permanent polarisation in either direction might bring significant unhappiness. It is not recommended that you go through a complete transexual transformation.

You might find a partial transformation of value, if you find yourself more attracted overall to the feminine. You are more likely a transgender, than a transexual. You should recognise that your gender issues are real but that extreme action regarding them should be viewed with great caution


This is but one posting in a series of postings regarding gender, gender dysphoria, gender identity disorder, male to female transexualism and the controversal issue of sex reassignment surgeries.

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