Reitz Gender Identity, Transexuality and Dysphoria (exploratory) TEST (part 03)


* originally developed as the COGIATI gender inventory (1998) by J. D. Reitz
** edited/updated to the Reitz-TeechConsult Test (2011) by A. H. M. Adnan

Q17. You are talking with a friend. Outside, far away, somebody is honking their horn regularly and endlessly. It is not very loud you can just barely hear it in the quiet room. What is your reaction?

A. (-10) So what? I am busy talking with my friend. I might not even notice it.
A. (-5) It might come to my attention after a while. Depends on the car.
A. (0) I would just ignore it, if I noticed it at all.
A. (5) I would notice it, but I would be too busy chatting with my friend, really.
A. (10) It would bug me. Eventually I might bring it up to my friend or I might try to ignore it.

Q18. Yesterday, you met five new people. Today, you are asked by name about the people you met. How well can you picture their faces in your mind?

A. (-10) Not a chance. I just would not remember their faces. One, maybe.
A. (-5) I would be lucky to remember one or two, to be honest.
A. (0) I might remember what they looked like.
A. (5) I can probably remember what most of them looked like.
A. (10) Really very well! I am very good with faces and names.

Q19. In your early school days, how were you at spelling?

A. (-10) To be honest, spelling is a problem for me. Even now I have difficulty.
A. (-5) Spelling was not one of my best abilities.
A. (0) I was fairly good at spelling.
A. (5) I could spell rather well, actually.
A. (10) I was very good at spelling. I still am.

Q20. Can you remember tunes or songs easily? Can you hum, sing or whistle them with ease?

A. (-10) I have a very hard time remembering music. It just does not stick.
A. (-5) Remembering songs is not what I do best.
A. (0) I am good enough with catchy jingles.
A. (5) I am pretty good at remembering a tune.
A. (10) I am very good at remembering music. I hear it once, and I know it!

Q21. You hear a noise from somewhere. Without looking, how well can you identify the direction of the sound from you?

A. (-10) I always know the direction. It's not that hard to do for me.
A. (-5) I pretty much know which direction a sound comes from, more or less.
A. (0) I know where the sound comes from about half of the time I guess.
A. (5) Occasionally I can know where the sound comes from, but not often.
A. (10) I never really know where sounds come from without looking.

Q22. You are telling a friend about something that happened to you years ago. How well do you remember what clothing you were wearing?

A. (-10) I would not remember that at all. Why would I? What difference does it make?
A. (-5) Probably I would not remember at all. Unless it was important to the story, of course.
A. (0) I might remember, depending.
A. (5) I would probably remember what I was wearing.
A. (10) I would probably remember my clothing easily and I might well remember what someone else was wearing too.

Q23. You are about the age of 14. You have to take a test, but you can choose which test to take. Getting a good grade will result in a big reward. Which test would you choose to take, if you had a week to study first?

A. (-10) Geometry or Science.
A. (-5) I would choose Science or Math.
A. (0) I would chose History, maybe Science.
A. (5) I would choose English or History.
A. (10) I would definitely choose English.

Q24. You are being described by someone. Which phrase do you like the least?

A. (-10) "Very sweet-tempered and receptive"
A. (-5) "Sympathetic and understanding. Never one to push too hard"
A. (0) "An all around good person"
A. (5) "Always takes immediate command of any situation"
A. (10) "An aggressive and determined competitor, without peer"

Q25. You are driving about, doing errands, in the big city. You have been here a few times before, but this is the first time you have been here driving on your own. You have no map with you. What probably happens?

A. (-10) I have no real difficulty.
A. (-5) I get around pretty well.
A. (0) It is a little tricky in places.
A. (5) I might get lost for a bit, but I would find my way soon.
A. (10) I would very likely get lost. I would have to ask for directions.

Q26. Your penis and testicles are destroyed, perhaps do to an accident or injury but they are gone forever. You are otherwise the same as now, but you are utterly without your reproductive organs, just smooth, flat flesh. What is the most realistic statement of how you would deal with this?

A. (-10) I would consider suicide. That would be absolutely horrible.
A. (-5) That would be terrible.
A. (0) I am not sure how I would feel. I could cope, given enough time.
A. (5) It would not bother me. I sometimes think it would be an improvement.
A. (10) I often wish something like that would happen. I seriously do.

Q27. You are 10 years old. It is play time. Which activity do you choose?

A. (-10) I go outside and play ball with my friends.
A. (-5) I might ride bikes with my friends.
A. (0) I might swim or play with my toys with my friends..
A. (5) I would walk in the woods with my friends, or play with my pet.
A. (10) I would play pretend games with my friends, or maybe play board games.

Q28. You are introduced to someone new. They have a tiny white thread coming out of their gray coat. What is the chance of your noticing this?

A. (-10) I would not notice that. It would not matter.
A. (-5) This is not something I would probably notice.
A. (0) I might notice it. Maybe.
A. (5) I probably would notice it, I might say something later.
A. (10) I almost certainly would notice it.

Q29. How much actual discomfort or suffering has any conflict between your physical sex and internal gender caused you?

A. (-10) Not very much. That is not a big issue to me.
A. (-5) Maybe just a little. For the most part I am comfortable with my body.
A. (0) Sometimes I wonder if it would be better to be female.
A. (5) I do not like my body to seem masculine. This is a problem.
A. (10) This is really bothering me. I feel like my body is wrong. I should be female.

Q30. Suddenly, somebody throws a ball at you. What is the most realistic outcome?

A. (-10) I would probably catch the ball.
A. (-5) I might catch the ball.
A. (0) I would be surprised. I might drop the ball.
A. (5) I would probably drop the ball.
A. (10) I would be surprised, that's for sure! I doubt I would catch the ball.

Q31. You are in a restaurant with some friends. It is moderately noisy, but not loud. A song you know comes over the loudspeakers, but done in ‘Muzak’ style (often called elevator music). Would you recognize the song instantly?

A. (-10) In that style, I probably would not even recognize any song.
A. (-5) I doubt I would recognize the song, especially over the noise.
A. (0) I might recognize the song.
A. (5) I would probably recognize the song, after a few moments.
A. (10) I would recognize the song quickly.

Q32. Suddenly the entire world is magically changed. Now you exist in a world utterly devoid of gender. All bodies are hermaphroditic, utterly androgynous in appearance, both male and female at the same time. The culture reflects this, as does all human interaction. You, however, are still yourself inside, with all of your memories of living in our world as it is now. Your feelings are intact, only your flesh has been changed. In this new world, everyone dresses, acts, and lives however they feel at the time, and there is no such thing as being male or being female. You alone remember the world of gender. In such a world, would you still need to dress like a woman?

A. (-10) Without question. I really love being feminine. It would be a very disturbing world, too.
A. (-5) Yes. I really enjoy expressing femininity. I would miss it a lot.
A. (0) I guess it just would not matter anymore, would it? This is my dream world.
A. (5) I don't know. It would be easier to live how I wish though.
A. (10) how I dress is not really the issue for me. I would just dress how I felt.


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