Reitz Gender Identity, Transexuality and Dysphoria (exploratory) TEST (part 04)


* originally developed as the COGIATI gender inventory (1998) by J. D. Reitz
** edited/updated to the Reitz-TeechConsult Test (2011) by A. H. M. Adnan

Q33. You are working with a group of people on an important project. What is the most important concern to you with regard to the interpersonal structure of the group?

A. (-10) It is most important that everyone share the same degree of dedication.
A. (-5) Everyone has to work well together. It is best if they keep focused on the job.
A. (0) It's important to get along well, but getting the job done is the first priority.
A. (5) I would be concerned that everyone get along well and respect each other's feelings.
A. (10) It is best if everyone could be friends, and enjoy each other's company. That would make the job get done faster.

Q34. Somewhere, a bell rings softly. You have to point to the exact location instantly. How well can you do this?

A. (-10) I would know right where the bell was.
A. (-5) I would probably be right most of the time.
A. (0) I might get it right.
A. (5) That would be hard to do, but I could probably point to it.
A. (10) I would probably not be able to point it out exactly.

Q35. A doctor offers you a painless, absolutely effective means to be completely masculine. All feminine desires and traits would be eliminated, and you would be happy and content to be a man. You would never need to dress, and you would never want to be feminine in any way again. You are assured that after the treatment you would be completely content. Would you take the treatment?

A. (-10) I probably would.
A. (-5) I would seriously consider the option.
A. (0) I don't know. Maybe.
A. (5) I would not want such a treatment.
A. (10) I would run away fast. That would be like death to me.

Q36. Pick the word that you would most want to be applied to you.

A. (-10) Assertive.
A. (-5) Independent.
A. (0) Adaptable.
A. (5) Understanding.
A. (10) Compassionate.

Q37. How easily do you cry at movies?

A. (-10) I really have never cried because of a film.
A. (-5) Movies do not often make me cry.
A. (0) Sometimes. If it is a powerful movie, I might cry.
A. (5) Sometimes something will just get to me, and I will cry.
A. (10) I get really involved and I cry pretty easily if the scene is intense enough.

Q38. Deep down, what gender do you really see yourself as?

A. (-10) I am probably mostly male.
A. (-5) I am more male than female at times.
A. (0) I am neither male nor female. I am kind of half-way .
A. (5) I am probably more female than male.
A. (10) I am mostly female.

Q39. Which do you feel is most desirable to possess?

A. (-10) Power.
A. (-5) Respect.
A. (0) Friendship.
A. (5) Compassion.
A. (10) Love.

Q40. Pick the choice that most closely represents the age at which your gender first became an issue or a concern to you.

A. (-10) About age 15.
A. (-5) About age 12.
A. (0) About age 9.
A. (5) About age 7
A. (10) About age 5.

Q41. Have you ever suffered a migraine 'headache'?

A. (-10) Never.
A. (-5) I doubt it.
A. (0) Maybe once.
A. (5) I have had a few.
A. (10) I have had more than a few over the years.

Q42. How long have you felt that you have had a gender incongruous with the sex of your body?

A. (-10) I do not feel that way, at least not strongly.
A. (-5) Fairly recently I have begun to feel that way.
A. (0) I have always wondered about the issue.
A. (5) For a long time now, I have felt that way.
A. (10) My earliest memories are of having a problem with this issue.

Q43. What is the honest degree that sexual excitement and attraction play in the importance and value of cross-dressing to you?

A. (-10) It really is very important to me.
A. (-5) It matters very much.
A. (0) It is nice but not the only reason.
A. (5) It is not seriously important to me.
A. (10) Actually it matters very little to me.

Q44. How important is it to you that others would accept you completely as a woman?

A. (-10) Having people consider me truly female is the opposite of important to me.
A. (-5) It is not a major issue to me.
A. (0) It would be nice, but I don't need it to be happy.
A. (5) It is pretty important. I would feel much better if I was so accepted.
A. (10) It is very important to me. I really want to be accepted completely as a woman.

Q45. Have you ever seriously contemplated suicide because of your gender issues?

A. (-10) Not ever.
A. (-5) No, not seriously.
A. (0) Maybe I have felt close to it.
A. (5) I have thought about it fairly seriously.
A. (10) There have been times that I have really considered it.

Q46. Have you ever been caught, discovered, punished, or found out about with regard to your gender issues, cross-dressing, or gender related behaviour?

A. (-10) No, I am very discrete.
A. (-5) Maybe once. I stay hidden.
A. (0) I have had a couple of incidents in the past.
A. (5) I have had a few problems. It's tricky to hide completely.
A. (10) It is hard to keep hidden -or- I do not even try.

Q47. When you look at a person's face, how well can you honestly judge what they are feeling?

A. (-10) It is hard to tell just by looking.
A. (-5) I would prefer they just tell me. That leaves less to chance.
A. (0) I can tell sometimes.
A. (5) I can usually tell what a person is feeling, more or less.
A. (10) It is pretty obvious to me.

Q48. A guy is having an erection. How does he probably feel?

A. (-10) He is aroused. That is what it means to have an erection.
A. (-5) Probably pretty good.
A. (0) He might be feeling frisky.
A. (5) It kind of bothers him when that happens.
A. (10) He hates it. He wishes it would just stop.


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