Reitz Gender Identity, Transexuality and Dysphoria (exploratory) TEST (part 05)


* originally developed as the COGIATI gender inventory (1998) by J. D. Reitz
** edited/updated to the Reitz-TeechConsult Test (2011) by A. H. M. Adnan

Q49. You are trying to describe the complex shape of an unfamiliar object to someone. You are not using your hands, and must rely on words alone. How easy is it for you to convey the shape accurately?

A. (-10) I can picture the shape, but finding the right words can be tough sometimes.
A. (-5) I can see it in my mind, and can pretty much describe it well enough.
A. (0) I can describe the shape fairly well, if I have enough time.
A. (5) I give descriptions and comparisons, but it can be hard to get my ideas across.
A. (10) It's hard for me to picture shapes clearly in my mind. The words are the easy part.

Q50. It is grade school. The teacher gives you a gold star on your work for excellence. What is it for?

A. (-10) I got my addition right.
A. (-5) I knew how to multiply.
A. (0) I knew the name of the capitol.
A. (5) I had perfect spelling with no mistakes.
A. (10) The teacher thought I wrote the best poem.

Q51. You are told that something you said probably bothered somebody. What is your reaction?

A. (-10) I think it is their problem.
A. (-5) I have the right to say what I please.
A. (0) I might give it some thought.
A. (5) I would probably try to find out more.
A. (10) I would worry a little bit. I don't want to hurt anyone.

Q52. Have you grown your hair long, do you wear a feminine hairstyle, or have you otherwise altered your day-to-day physical appearance to increase the effectiveness of dressing as or expressing your femininity?

A. (-10) No, that would be a bit too much right now.
A. (-5) I really have not done anything that would be noticed.
A. (0) Maybe a little. Not a lot though.
A. (5) I do seem to like my hair and appearance to be more feminine.
A. (10) People sometimes make comments, to tell you the truth.

Q53. There is a voice mail on your machine. The person does not leave a name, they seem to expect you to know them. How easy is it for you to remember who called by the sound of their voice?

A. (-10) Pretty difficult, it's just a disembodied voice. I wish they had left their name.
A. (-5) I don't think I could tell just by the voice.
A. (0) I could place them after a few listens though I might have to think a bit.
A. (5) Usually I know who they are if I play the message a few times.
A. (10) I would know who it is pretty quickly. I am rather good at placing voices.

Q54. A stranger is happy at meeting you. He wants to give you a hug. How do you honestly feel about this?

A. (-10) That would be a little weird for me.
A. (-5) I would feel a little put off by it, frankly.
A. (0) It might be okay.
A. (5) It is kind of nice.
A. (10) I like to hug. It's a warm feeling.

Q55. You meet somebody and they are polite to you, but seem a little distant. They are actually secretly disliking you. How likely are you to know this?

A. (-10) Not very, it is hard to tell with people.
A. (-5) I doubt I would be able to tell without some clues.
A. (0) I might pick up on it.
A. (5) I would probably be able to tell.
A. (10) I can usually tell when somebody dislikes me, even if they act well.

Q56. You are talking to a person you have recently met. During your talk, the person brings up an event from their past. The discussion turns serious, and they start to get strongly emotional. How do you react to this?

A. (-10) It makes me feel uncomfortable.
A. (-5) I feel a little put off, but it happens, I guess.
A. (0) I can understand that. It's a little uncomfortable, but I can understand.
A. (5) I would want to help, if I could, because they are having a hard time.
A. (10) I would try to comfort them as best as I could.

Q57. A guy is masturbating, alone. What turns him on the most?

A. (-10) Visual things, mostly. Images of people together or alone.
A. (-5) He prefers things he can see.
A. (0) Could be pictures or words.
A. (5) Probably words, ideas turn him on the most.
A. (10) Definitely something written, especially if it is written well.

Q58. You will never, ever be a woman. You must live the rest of your days entirely as a man, and you will only get more masculine with each passing year. There is no way out. What is your reaction?

A. (-10) I could cope. Not much different than now.
A. (-5) As long as I can still dress in private, I would survive.
A. (0) It would hurt, but I would carry on.
A. (5) I don't think I could bear that.
A. (10) I am better off dead.

Q59. You are shown a film of close-up images of the faces of many different people. You are asked to describe the emotions that the people are feeling by the expressions on their faces alone. How well would you be able to tell the emotions of the people?

A. (-10) Probably not that well.
A. (-5) I would have some difficulty with that.
A. (0) I could probably guess some of them.
A. (5) I would be able to get most of them right.
A. (10) I would know what most of the people were feeling.

Q60. You are spending time with a group of married friends. Two of them are secretly having an affair. Would you detect this easily?

A. (-10) If they are keeping it secret, how am I supposed to know?
A. (-5) If they slipped up, I could probably guess.
A. (0) I probably would be able to tell, after a while.
A. (5) I usually pick up on such things fairly quickly, I think.
A. (10) I catch that sort of thing easily. You can just tell. You can feel it.

Q61. Are you now on - or just about to start - hormone therapy?

A. (-10) No. I am not sure that I want to use hormones.
A. (-5) I am not, but I have thought about it. Probably not.
A. (0) I wonder whether hormones might be good to try.
A. (5) I am about to start hormone therapy, as soon as I can.
A. (10) I am on hormone therapy right now.

Q62. Have you ever spent longer than one week living entirely as a woman?

A. (-10) No. I am not sure how I would feel about doing that.
A. (-5) I have tried something like that, but is became tiring or uncomfortable.
A. (0) No, but it might be interesting to try.
A. (5) I would like to do that, and I might if I can.
A. (10) Yes. I really loved it.

Q63. Which choice most closely describes how you feel about living as a man in the world?

A. (-10) There are some definite advantages, I have to admit.
A. (-5) It can be useful in many circumstances.
A. (0) It is just one way to be in the world. It has its problems and benefits.
A. (5) I cannot think of much good about it.
A. (10) It is a pretty unpleasant thing to be.

Q64. You are about to die. In your last moments, you are presented with a choice. You can be buried and remembered as a man or buried and remembered as a woman. Which do you choose?

A. (-10) I want to be remembered accurately. It really doesn't matter at that point anyway.
A. (-5) My family and friends might be bothered by that. Better not change things.
A. (0) Whatever. Doesn't really matter to me.
A. (5) I would probably wish to be remembered as a woman.
A. (10) If I have to die, I would absolutely prefer to be remembered as a woman.

Q65. Which is the closest to your own current self definition?

A. (-10) I am a cross-dresser.
A. (-5) I have a female side that I like to express.
A. (0) I am sort of both male and female. Perhaps a transgender?
A. (5) I am probably a transexual.
A. (10) I know that I am a transexual.


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