Reitz Gender Identity, Transexuality and Dysphoria (exploratory) TEST (part 02)


* originally developed as the COGIATI gender inventory (1998) by J. D. Reitz
** edited/updated to the Reitz-TeechConsult Test (2011) by A. H. M. Adnan

Q01. Describe your relationship with mathematics.

A. (-10) Mathematics is both useful and fun. I enjoy mathematical puzzles.
A. (-5) I am really pretty good at math.
A. (0) I do math as it is required of me.
A. (5) Mathematics is somewhat difficult at times. It isn't my favourite thing.
A. (10) I hate doing math! It is both tedious and a struggle for me.

Q02. You get a phone call from somebody you met for the first time a few days ago. How easy is it for you to remember who they are by the sound of their voice?

A. (-10) Pretty difficult, I don't know them. I wish they would tell me their name.
A. (-5) I think I could remember, given enough time on the phone.
A. (0) Usually, I know who they are after a minute or so.
A. (5) I can place them after a few seconds... I might have to think a bit.
A. (10) I would remember them pretty quickly. I am pretty good at placing voices.

Q03. You are shown a number of close-up photographs of the faces of many different people you do not know. You are asked to describe the emotions that the people are feeling by the expressions on their faces alone. How well would you do, do you think?

A. (-10) Probably not that well. It is hard to read faces, you never really know for sure.
A. (-5) I would have a little difficulty with that. It's not that easy.
A. (0) I could probably guess most of them. Probably.
A. (5) I would be able to get most of them right, I think.
A. (10) I would definitely know what most of the people were feeling. Just look at their face!

Q04. You are at a meeting. Everyone at the meeting is the same sex as you. The leader of the meeting announces that it's time for hugs all around! How do you feel about this?

A. (-10) What is up with all of this hugging stuff? This is unnecessary.
A. (-5) I would feel a little put off by it, frankly.
A. (0) It might be okay.
A. (5) It's kind of nice. No big deal though.
A. (10) I love hugs! Good idea.

Q05. As a child, when you played with close friends, how would you describe the type of play you liked to be a part of the most?

A. (-10) I liked to get out and do things. Run, jump, and yell. Let off some steam.
A. (-5) I liked to be pretty active. I liked cool toys too, and we would build forts.
A. (0) I liked neat toys and we would ride bikes or play ball games.
A. (5) Toys were fun. We would play games where we would pretend a lot.
A. (10) We would make up stories about ourselves and our toys. We would talk and sing too.

Q06. You meet somebody and they are polite to you, but seem a little distant. They are actually very attracted to you. How likely are you to know this?

A. (-10) Not very, it is hard to tell with people.
A. (-5) I doubt I would be able to tell without some clues.
A. (0) I might pick up on it.
A. (5) I would probably be able to tell.
A. (10) I can usually tell when somebody likes me a lot, even if they are shy.

Q07. You are talking to a newly met person. During your talk, the person brings up an event from their own youth. The discussion catches them off guard, and they start to cry. How do you react to this?

A. (-10) It makes me feel uncomfortable. I will wait for them to get themselves together. It also depends on the person.
A. (-5) I feel a little put off, but it happens, I guess. If it went on too long, it might be weird.
A. (0) I can understand that. It's a little uncomfortable, but I can understand.
A. (5) I would want to help, if I could. I mean, they are crying.
A. (10) This had happened to me. I would try to comfort them as best as I could. I might even give them a hug if it seemed right to do so.

Q08. You are alone enjoying some erotic materials of your own preference. What are they?

A. (-10) Films. Films first, maybe pictures too.
A. (-5) Pictures, films are good.
A. (0) Could be either pictures or written words.
A. (5) Probably books or stories.
A. (10) Absolutely stories. Pictures just are not as good as having it written.

Q09. Which choice most closely describes why you dress up 'en femme' or as a woman?

A. (-10) It is a very sexy thing to do. It is very exciting. I love it!
A. (-5) It does turn me on quite a bit,
A. (0) Sometimes it excites me, sometimes it's just nice.
A. (5) Mostly it just makes me feel better somehow.
A. (10) The only reason I do it is because it makes me feel better. I really don't do it for excitement.

Q10. In your early school days, how were you at writing essays, poetry, and reports?

A. (-10) It was rather hard at times. I really did not like it that much.
A. (-5) I could do the job, more or less, but I cannot say I enjoyed writing.
A. (0) I did it well enough.
A. (5) Actually, I kind of enjoyed writing, sometimes.
A. (10) I would get carried away sometimes. I was really proud of my written work.

Q11. You are parking your car. You must reverse into a somewhat narrow space to park. What do you do?

A. (-10) I slide right in. Piece of cake!
A. (-5) It's a bother, but I can manage most of the time.
A. (0) It's a little tricky, I might pass on it and look for better.
A. (5) I don't like that situation. I would park there only if things were pretty crowded.
A. (10) I would go look for another place to park. Who needs the aggravation?

Q12. You acquire an incredible power. You can change your sex whenever you wish, and the change is absolutely perfect in either form, male or female. What would you most likely do with such a power?

A. (-10) I would use it to switch back and forth for fun!
A. (-5) I would be a lot better than dressing up.
A. (0) I would be whatever I felt like as I desired.
A. (5) I would probably use it to turn female. I would mostly stay that way.
A. (10) I would turn female and I really would not want to use the power again, actually.

Q13. You have been visiting a new town for several days. Someone asks you which direction south is. Do you know?

A. (-10) Almost always. After a few days, I know my directions.
A. (-5) I probably could make a pretty solid estimate.
A. (0) I would be guessing a little, but I would have some idea, I think.
A. (5) That would be kind of difficult. I would not feel very sure about it.
A. (10) I probably would not be able to tell. It's not that easy you know?

Q14. You are in a public place, such as a waiting room or a park bench. Circumstances require you to sit very closely to another person of the same sex. How do you feel about this inside?

A. (-10) I don't really like to sit close like that.
A. (-5) Sitting close kind of bothers me a little.
A. (0) I feel a little uncomfortable with it.
A. (5) I feel uneasy on the rare occasion.
A. (10) I feel perfectly comfortable. It's not a big deal.

Q15. A situation involving people has come up. The people are debating the issue, and are unsure of what to do. You understand most of the situation. You are able to act in the manner you feel like. What do you do?

A. (-10) I step in and clear things up.
A. (-5) I let them know what is going on as best as I can..
A. (0) I wait for an opening and offer my knowledge.
A. (5) I listen to make sure I understand, then I ask to offer my suggestions on the matter.
A. (10) I will listen and see if they can figure it out. I might add my ideas to the discussion.

Q16. Visualize the following entirely in your head. Do not draw or write anything, just use your mind. Picture a pair of cubes. The two cubes are connected by a bar through their middle, like a dumbbell. Imagine that the dumbbell object is floating in front of you, one cube close to you, the other directly away from you. Now, imagine that the cube nearest you is red, and the cube furthest from you is blue. Picture the dumbbell built of two cube and a rod begins to rotate, the near, red cube, dropping down and away, and the blue, far cube, rotating up and nearer. The dumbbell continues so that it now stands vertical, in front of you, the red cube on the bottom, the blue cube on the top. Continue this direction of rotation, end over end, three times exactly, starting with that state where the red cube was on the bottom, and the blue cube was on the top. What is the position of either cube, red or blue?

A. (-10) I am certain that the red cube is on top.
A. (-5) I think that the blue cube is on the bottom.
A. (0) I feel that the red cube is most likely on the bottom.
A. (5) I am not sure. This is pretty hard. Maybe the red cube is on the bottom?
A. (10) I cannot follow this at all. How am I supposed to understand this?


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